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Center Intelligent Production Systems

Research fields of the CIPS

The CIPS research fields result from the social mega trends of the 2020 years combined with the professorial competences.

Industrial production with its hight requirements towards quality must keep up with the continuous technological changes to remain competitive in Germany.

Thus, it is important to embed innovative technologies of diverse disciplines into processes. This especially applies to the digitisation of industrial manufacturing and supporting processed, e.g. development.

CIPS, at the cross-roads between technical and economical process management with a strong focus on digitisation technology, is taking on this challenge

Cognitive & immersive assistance systems

  • <b/>AR/VR/MR technologies
  • Assisted employee leadership in assembly

Machine-oriented process management

  • Data-driven manufacturing and assembly
  • "From Sensor 2 Dashboard 2 Control Loop"
  • Creating concepts for flexible manufacturing and assembly systems

Machine learning in producton & development

  • New approaches to data-driven product and process development
  • Machine learning as application-oriented instrument

Framework-providing research

  • <b/>Development of a start-up culture within THWS
  • Life-cycle oriented approaches in the context of climate protection and adjustment

Team (professors)

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jan Schmitt (Head of the CIPS)

Jan Schmitt
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jan Schmitt

Room 1.1.35

Ignaz-Schön-Straße 11
97421 Schweinfurt

Phone +49 9721 940-8594


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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bastian Engelmann

Bastian Engelmann
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bastian Engelmann

Room 1.1.35

Ignaz-Schön-Straße 11
97421 Schweinfurt

Phone +49 9721 940-8772

  • Manager of the OberA research project

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Volker Bräutigam

Volker Bräutigam
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Volker Bräutigam

Room 1.1.35

Ignaz-Schön-Straße 11
97421 Schweinfurt

Phone +49 9721 940-8595

  • Head of the BMBF-funded research project module BEST-FIT Pionier
  • Manager of the PlanAR research project