Meet CAIRO Team Members This Week at ECML-PKDD in Turin

Wed, 20 Sep 2023 |, CAIRO

Join us at ECML-PKDD 2023 and meet CAIRO team members to discuss advancements in the fields of Data Science, Representation Learning, Explainable AI, and Federated Learning. Don't miss this chance to network and explore innovative ideas. See you there!

CAIRO Team members at ECML:

  • Prof Dr Magda Gregorová, research professor in representation learning and head of CAIRO
  • Manuel Röder, PhD student (with paper presentation)
    Title of Paper: "Efficient Cross-Domain Federated Learning by MixStyle Approximation
    Workshop: Adapting to Change: Reliable Multimodal Learning Across Domains
  • Philipp Väth, PhD student (with paper presentation)
    Title of Paper: "Diffusion-based Visual Counterfactual Explanations - Towards Systematic Quantitative Evaluation"
    Workshop: XKDD
  • David Benavente, PhD student