New professor – Prof. Dr. Ivan Yamshchikov

Tue, 20 Jun 2023 | CAIRO,, FIW

The Center for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics warmly welcomes our new colleague Prof. Dr. Ivan Yamshchikov.
He officially started his research professorship in Natural Language Processing at the THWS last week.
Since the beginning of the summer semester 2023 (15 March), Ivan has already been offering the modules "Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning" and "Entrepreneurship for Engineers" in the international master's programme Artificial Intelligence (MAI).
Ivan was previously Associate Professor and Head of the LEYA Lab for Natural Language Processing at Higher School of  Economics. St. Petersburg, Russia. He is also Visiting Associate Professor and member of CEMAPRE scientific center at ISEG, University of Lisbon.
His research interests include natural language generation, computational creativity, applied data analysis, and natural language processing applications to various industrial and social questions. Broadly, his interests form three main areas:

  1. Stylistics, semantics, and verbal cognition. Ivan works on text style transfermeasures of semantic similarity, and cognitively-inspired representations for natural language.
  2. Computational creativity. Generative models for musicpoetry, and narrative texts, information-theoretically motivated measures for novelty.
  3. NLP for social good and digital humanities. Examples of the projects in this segment include: training BERT for ancient Greek and using it for authorship attribution on ancient documents or using data analysis to optimize rehabilitation of homeless people.

We are very happy that Prof. Dr. Ivan Yamshchikov is now part of our team of professors and we wish him a successful start!