Prof Dr Magda Gregorová Explores Research Collaborations with Partner Universities in the US and Mexico

Mon, 17 Apr 2023 | FIW, CAIRO
A Successful Business Trip to Auburn University (Alabama, USA) and ITAM University (Mexico)

Two weeks ago, Prof Dr Magda Gregorová, visited our partner universities in Auburn, USA, and ITAM, Mexico. The main objective of this trip was to establish research collaborations and discuss PhD exchanges with the partner institutions.

Prof Gregorová began trip by visiting Auburn University, located in Alabama, USA, toegther with a delegation of THWS members. Auburn University has developed into one of the largest universities in southern USA, remaining in the educational forefront with its applied science and research. During the visit, Prof Gregorová met with several faculty members and researchers to discuss possible research projects and explore potential collaboration opportunities.

The discussions were fruitful – Both parties expressed a keen interest in pursuing PhD exchange programs, joint research projects, and joint publications.

The second destination of Prof Gregorová’s business trip was ITAM University, a prestigious private university located in Mexico City, Mexico. The discussions with ITAM focused on bachelor’s and master’s student exchanges, and the supervision of theses.

Overall, the business trip was a great succes and exciting cooperation projects will follow in the near future.