Research Collaborator positions available

Mon, 5 Sep 2022 | CAIRO,
PhD or postdoc level – starting time as soon as possible

The successful candidate shall join the research team of CAIRO under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Magda Gregorová (the PhD shall be co-supervised by another university professor, tbd based on the research topic) and benefit from research collaboration opportunities within the CAIRO center as well as with other research centers in the Institut Digital Engineering (IDEE) of FHWS.

Preferred research topics include (but are not limited to) generative models (VAE, INN, diffusion, etc.) for density estimation and representation learning for downstream tasks (such as inverse problems, uncertainty calibration, learned compression, etc.), and few shot learning with possible robotic, medical or industrial monitoring applications.

The positions are German TVL13 based in Würzburg, Germany (in the northwest of Bavaria). Starting time as soon as possible.

We seek strongly motivated self-driven candidates wishing to develop their research competences (ample training opportunities), and dedicate to delivering solid research results. The PhD candidates shall have strong background in math, probability and programming plus solid understanding of fundamental ML/DL principles. They shall hold a MSc degree (or be close to obtaining one) in a related technical field. The postdoc candidate shall have relevant publication record and be able to outline and develop independent research in ML/DL. Excellent level of spoken and written English is a must.

Deadline for applications 30.9.2022.

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