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Below you will find frequently asked questions about Studies with Intensified Practice and concise answers.

No, you will be a regular student.


Usually, you take care of finding an internship yourself. In this you can, of course, also contact other companies. We provide a list of companies, which have offered internships to students in the context of their Studies with Intensified Practice.

This should be decided after consultation with the internship company. In general, we always recommend a semester abroad. Maybe your company can even support you.

The system suggests that students are paid continuously from their 3rd semester onwards (also during the theory semester). However, special arrangements are also possible.

As a rule, the contracts provide for a holiday entitlement of ten days during the internship blocks.

Basic rule: The earlier, the better!

You should start looking for it no later than at the end of the 1st semester. Do not underestimate the necessary lead time at the company (for decision-making).


Normally, your studies are not prolonged, because the additional internship periods are during the semester breaks, which are free of lectures and exams anyway.

Ideally, you enter your career immediately after you graduated in your cooperating company.


After consultation with the company, it is also a good idea to write the bachelor's thesis at the company. 

Contacts contain a termination clause.


In any case, you should be motivated to do the additional internship periods. Besides that, you should fit in with the company.