CERI Professors and Robotics Students Visit CAIRO in Würzburg

10.05.2023 | CAIRO, thws.de, FIW
Visit focused on fostering knowledge exchange and collaboration between THWS centers and international degree programmes

A group of professors and students from the Center for Robotics (CERI) and the international degree programme Robotics – both based in Schweinfurt – paid a visit to the Center for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (CAIRO) in Würzburg. The visit was aimed at fostering an exchange of knowledge and ideas.
Last semester, CAIRO, together with students from the Master's programme in Artificial Intelligence, already visited CERI in Schweinfurt which was a great enrichment.

The day began with a warm welcome from the CAIRO team, followed by a series of talks and presentations from both CERI and CAIRO.
CAIRO professors and PhD students shared their research projects and findings, which highlighted the latest advancements in the field of AI, while MAI students presented their recent projects and experiments. The CERI team also shared their expertise and experiences.

The visit was not all about talks and presentations, as the professors and students had a chance to tour the CAIRO labs and exchange ideas over a cup of coffee and snacks.

The visit was an excellent opportunity for both centers to learn from each other and strengthen relationships that will foster further collaboration in the future.