Local Newspaper Mainpost Interviews CAIRO Research Professor Dr. Pascal Meißner on the Potential of Cobots in Crafts

10.10.2023 | thws.de, CAIRO

In a recent interview with the Mainpost, our research professor Dr Pascal Meißner, shed light on the untapped potential of small robots known as cobots in the world of crafts. Contrary to the common belief that robots are primarily suited for large industrial enterprises, Dr Meißner emphasized that cobots and humans can work in synergy, offering craftspersons new opportunities.

Meißner explained that by delegating specific tasks to cobots, craftsmen and -women can ease their workloads, especially during staff shortages, allowing them to undertake more jobs. The integration of cobots into crafts could potentially lead to cost savings, although the extent of the savings would depend on various factors.

To encourage the adoption of cobots in crafts, Prof Meißner suggested making robot programming more intuitive, thus making it accessible to a broader range of craftspersons. Cobots could find their greatest utility in areas of craftsmanship where direct customer contact is less common, such as in construction.

However, the introduction of cobots also raises questions about liability in the event of any damage or accidents. Meißner noted that liability could potentially lie with the manufacturer, programmer, or craftsperson, with specific regulations varying from case to case.

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