MAI Students Win Prize at KickStart Event for Innovative Skin-Care Project "Skinia"

27.06.2023 |, FIW, CAIRO

Esther Ademola, Fatima Mohamed, and Hanan Al-Hujaily, three students of the international master’s programme Artificial Intelligence (MAI), won the KickStart event held on June 15 in Schweinfurt. Their project, "Skinia," captured the attention of the audience and judges and the group won the top prize of 7,500 Euros. This financial reward will enable the group to create an early prototype of a skin-care app empowered by a computer vision algorithm.
The KickStart event was organized by THWS-Startup Lab WERK:RAUM. It serves as a platform for young talents like Esther Ademola, Fatima Mohamed, and Hanan Al-Hujaily to present their ideas, receive recognition, and secure funding for further development.