New Paper on Narrative Understanding in NLP

17.07.2023 | Pressemeldung, CAIRO

CAIRO research professor Prof Dr Ivan Yamshchikov, has published a position paper on narrative understanding and generation in the field of NLP. The paper, titled "What is Wrong with Language Models that Can Not Tell a Story?" is published in the Proceedings of the Workshop for Narrative Understanding, which is co-located with ACL conference.
The abstract of the paper reads as follows:
“In this position paper, we contend that advancing our understanding of narrative and the effective generation of longer, subjectively engaging texts is crucial for progress in modern Natural Language Processing (NLP) and potentially the broader field of Artificial Intelligence. We highlight the current lack of appropriate datasets, evaluation methods, and operational concepts necessary for initiating work on narrative processing.”
(Ivan Yamshchikov and Alexey Tikhonov. 2023. What is Wrong with Language Models that Can Not Tell a Story?. In Proceedings of the The 5th Workshop on Narrative Understanding, pages 58–64, Toronto, Canada. Association for Computational Linguistics.)
The full paper can be found under the following link: